Photo ©2014 CRAIG LITTEN

"TP in Stall"

Open Edition

Digital File

6" x 8"

There is no reason to miss a photo today since we all have an iPhone (or that other brand) with us at all times. Really, if you didn't look at the EXIF data on this photograph, you'd never know what it was shot with--smartphone's are that good. In many ways, they are better than a top-level, full frame DSLR. The main reason being, as mentioned above, is that they are always with us. I shot film for over 15 years, and I can honestly say that this very shot was easier with an iPhone and digital media. Perfect white balance, a crisp file at a very slow shutter speed, and silent.

That being said, on a recent "break" I spotted this stark scene, and since I wasn't doing much else at the moment, I unpocketed my "ancient" (in dog years it's 28) iPhone 4, and snapped this Warhol-esk moment. Moment preserved. If you can't carry a proper camera, use what you have and don't let a moment escape; you never know what you'll encounter.