Photo © Craig Litten / All Rights Reserved

Out of Sight

If you look carefully at the above photograph, you will see the spiral rooftop of a Twistee Treat ice cream shop. It resembles a giant soft-serve ice cream cone. These buildings are iconic in Central Florida. Some are vanilla, some are strawberry and some are topped with a cherry--all are eye-catching to a photographer. But how does one photograph it in an interesting way? The white “out’ sign against the azure sky caught my attention first—I love to shoot signs—but then upon closer inspection, I noticed the helical rooftop. I also liked how the square sign and the round mirror were juxtaposed to one another, as well as the pattern of the cottony clouds. This wasn't an assignment, but rather a fun day with my wife and son exploring Lake County, Fla., which at one time was the heart of Florida's citrus industry. Beautiful orange groves used to span the horizon in this area for miles and miles, but that’s all forgotten now after several freezes in the 1980s. Now the region is booming with housing developments, shopping centers, strip malls and a Twistee Treat or two.