Photo © CRAIG LITTEN / All Rights Reserved

World's Laziest Cat

Frisco is his name, and he's not as fat as he is lazy, but he is fat. He's not "balloon-with-fur" fat like my mother-in-law's cat named Sugar Pie or Sugar Plumb (I just call him Sugar-Fat), but he's fat enough. My back patio, where he spends most of his time, has a six-foot fence around it. Someone asked me once, "Can Frisco get over the fence?" I fell on the concrete laughing so hard that I almost passed out, and then said, "No, he can't even get on my bed!" Normal cats can easily get over a 6-foot fence though, and I know this for a fact because my neighbor's cat has come over it and in to the patio. On this particular afternoon, my wife's sun hat was drying out from her beach excursion, and Frisco, in all his slothful robustness, was doing what he does best and that's soaking up the sun while in his usual inactive state. I liked the scene, so I shot a few frames of it. He's not just a fat cat, but he's also photogenic.