For the Joy of Photography

Sometimes a change in scenery is needed for photographic inspiration, or sometimes we just need to change our gear. Yep, new camera gear can motivate us for sure, but that's not what I mean really. I'm talking about a different type of camera gear, mirrorless. This time last year (2014), I began my journey with the Sony mirrorless system. Several years prior, I literally bought and tried every brand of DSLR and mirrorles cameras except Panasonic. But to keep this short, I won't go over that right now. I love the Sony mirrorless system. It's not perfect, but no system is as they all have their positives and negatives. But the Sony's are FUN! Yep, that's right, fun. Isn't photography supposed to be fun? That's why so many people do it isn't it? I found that hauling around my antiquated, clunky DSLR's was no longer enjoyable. In fact, it was work. I remember when the Canon 10D came out--it was revolutionary, 6MP and all. It was small, fast But using a DSLR's today feels like work, and when you start to discover and use all the new tech that the Sony mirrorless cameras bring, well, you won't look back.

If you make your living shooting weddings, or portraits or architecture or any other type of photography, do you still allow yourself to take pictures on your days off? Or are those big "pro" cameras just too, well, big and pro to carry along when you're not getting paid? Do take your camera along when you go out with family or friends? How about during your lunch hour? Yea, the sarcasm is getting thick, but I'm trying to make a point here. How do you feel after a 12-hour shoot? Me? One word: Refreshed, LOL! Seriously, this past May I did a 19-hour shoot (crazy I know). I was tired, I was hungry, I couldn't wait for the shoot to end, but I never once felt the burden of my cameras. I was shooting with a Sony a7r paired with the Zeiss 55mm f1.8, and a Sony a7s paired with the Zeiss 35mm f2.8. Boom, done!

Do you still have fun shooting?

A good friend of mine, who has been shooting as long as I have (since the 80's), recently dumped his clunky, old Nikons in favor of Sony mirrorless (at my persuasion of course). His weapons of choice were a pair of a6000's and three lenses. He loves them so much that he now takes pictures when not working--in other words, for fun. And yes, he does make his full-time living with photography--the a6000 is that good.

Another very good friend is a wedding photographer. He started by purchasing a Sony a6000 and the tiny Sony 20mm f2.8 pancake lens to use for street photography (also at my persuasion). He loved it so much that as soon as the current wedding season ends, he's dumping his anachronistic (yes, I used a thesaurus) Canon gear in favor of a pair of Sony a7's (A7rII and a7sII) plus an arsenal of Zeiss lenses. He has already acquired an a7rII and the Zeiss 35mm f2.8. Sweet!

So the bottom line is this: Do you still have fun shooting? If not, why not? I do, and I've had a camera in my hands since 1985 (not literally the whole time though, I do have to sleep), and I now have Sony to thank for it (the fun, not the camera--I had to buy that). The above two photos are just snapshots, not portfolio pieces or masterpieces, taken during my lunch hour. I was shooting simply for the love of photography. That day I had in my hand the trusty, and super fun, Sony a6000 paired with a friend's Zeiss 16-70 f4 zoom. That day I was shooting just for the sheer joy of photography. Can I persuade you too?