Gun Fight at Dry Creek


Today I'm starting a new series called "From the Archives," in which I'll pull images that I've taken in the past, and post them on my blog for you to view and hopefully enjoy. The two shots above were taken in the fictitious town of Dry Creek, a western town at a secret location in southwest Florida that very few people know about. Stepping into the town was like stepping back to the old American West. The photos were processed through Alien Skin Software. Normally I'm not big on filters, especially in this day of Instagram where every photo is a work of art simply because it has a cool filter applied to it, but I thought it fitting for these images. The blur in the image of the horse and rider was done purposefully the old fashioned way, in camera, to give the scene a sense of speed by simply choosing a slower shutter speed, and panning with the horse as it ran past me. During the shoot, I was armed with my tiny (but trusty) Nikon 1 V1 and the highly rated 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens (28mm equivalent), carrying nothing else except a spare battery and an extra memory card.

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