Photo ©2016 CRAIG LITTEN

LENSMATE Silver Thumbrest

The brand new Lensmate Silver Thumbrest (LM A6000) exclusively for the silver Sony a6000.

After owning a pair of Fuji X-Pro1's, and a digital Leica M8.2, I got used to the increased stability and security of using a thumbrest or thumb grip on my cameras, so I proceeded to look for one for my Sony a6000 from the usual manufactures such as Thumb's Up, but I had no luck and couldn't find one. During my search though, I stumbled across a wonderful company called LENSMATE, and I'm so glad that I did.

Lensmate is a company who specializes in digital photo products that enhance the usability of a wide variety of digital cameras; especially mirrorless cameras and small digital cameras such as the Sony RX100 series. At the time, late 2015, Lensmate only made a black thrumbrest for the Sony a6000. Unfortunately my a6000 is silver, but as you know much of the trim on the silver a6000 is black, so I thought that a black thumbrest would look just fine, and it did.

I immediately fell in love with the look, feel and comfort of the LM A6000 Thumbrest, but I especially love the design and functionality of it. It makes holding and shooting with the a6000 better and more secure-feeling. Also, If you notice in the above photo, the thumbrest pivots to allow easy access to the a6000's mode dial, which is a genius design in my opinion. When I first read about this design feature, I though it was really interesting but wondered if it would weaken or cheapen the thumbrest. It doesn't. The LM A6000 Thumbrest has a quality feel, is smooth to the touch, locks into the hotshoe tightly, and feels very solid and sure. And an added bonus is the nice silicone patch right where your thumb actually rests for added comfort. It's very functional and much more comfortable that the Match Technical Services (Thumbs Up) version for the M8/M9 series, which is actually painful to use in my opinion, so I sold mine.

I enjoyed the black thumbrest for a month or two, then started to wonder if Lensmate would be releasing a silver thumbrest for the a6000. I noticed that they had silver thumbrests for some of the Fuji models, so I contacted the company. I ultimately connected with Susan Doel, which began several months of back-and-forth emails as Lensmate considered making a silver version LM A6000 for the Sony a6000. The one pictured in the photos in this post is the very first one, and I was privileged by Lensmate to test it out and photograph it to see how well it matched the silver paint on my a6000. I'd say that it's spot on!

The silver version is the exact same version as the black, only in silver. It seems like this would be a very simple process right? Just dip it in silver coating and ship it out. But it's not that simple, and lots of testing and re-testing took place over the last several months to make sure it was perfect. This speaks volumes for the type of company Lensmate is, as they care very much about the quality of their products. Their thumbrest is their own, in-house design not some cheap Chinese copy. And as you can plainly see from this article, they listen to their users, consider new ideas and actually answer your emails. That's a lot more than I can say for the competition, Match Technical Services, who never responded to my inquiry. Thanks Lensmate to a job well done!

If you don't own a Lensmate thumbrest for your black, and now silver, Sony a6000, what are you waiting for? Rumor has it that the upcoming Sony a6100 is the same design, which would ensure that your purchase is future proof.