Having your cake and eating it too

There are times when you need high-powered strobe lighting when shooting in bright sunlight, etc., such as a Profoto B1. But call me old school; I prefer “hot lights” and I always have. Why? Because you can actually see the light and it’s so beautiful. In fact, at one of the two photo schools I attended (a few decades ago) they didn’t even have strobes at all in the studios, but real hot lights.

Today, with the advancing technology of LED lighting we can have our cake and eat it too. Enter: Rotolight ANOVA. These lights are bright, super bright, but do not heat up at all. In fact, they stay so cool that there is no fan, and they run completely silently (great for you video shooters out there). The light the ANOVA produces is clean and beautiful. I got mine from RTS, the official US distributor.

I’ll be putting it through its paces soon, so please check back.

SIZE COMPARISON: Rotolight NEO, left, & the Rotolight ANOVA V2

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