The Wedding Photo Booth


The only thing more fun than a barrel of monkeys is a wedding photo booth

This past weekend I attended a family wedding in Sarasota's beautiful Selby Gardens, and took along my trusty Sony a6000 with the Sony FE 28mm f2 lens. I love this combination because it's so small, light and a joy to carry around and shoot with. I spent some time shooting the hilarity on the dance floor (trying hard to stay out of the way of the official photographer), but I also camped outside the photo booth. The photo booth had a large bright light in the front just above the camera that was always on whether the curtain was open or closed. It was like a giant softbox, and it produced marvelous light. It was especially noticeable in the very dark outdoor location of the wedding lit only by a few bulbs hanging overhead. As subjects entered the booth facing the camera, I was able to grab a few images right before the attendant closed the black curtain, capturing a few fun moments. I was also trying to stay out of the way of the second attendant, so I wasn't able to hang out there very long. The activity outside the booth, where people were trying on different hats and props, was also interesting but too dark to shoot. So next time you're at a wedding, gravitate towards the photo booth--that's were all the great photo ops will be.