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Sunrise Billy

The above photo is the second in a new blog series that continues today called "SCREENSHOTS." The random series will feature a photo that I’m currently working on in Photoshop, or something else currently on my screen, shot directly off of my computer screen. It’s kind of a document or memorial of the evolution of my daily work and desktop with all of it’s mess and chaos. The idea camera from a photographer named Mel DiGiacomo (good luck trying to pronounce it), who has done some inspiring presentations on the B&H Photo YouTube channel.

Other blog series that I feature from time to time are:

This series is where I feature a photo shot in the past. Some photos are those that were formally published, some were shots that got overlooked from the original edit or were good enough but didn’t fit the particular job, etc. The key is that the featured photo is not recent one.

Outtakes are just that; photos that didn’t make the cut for various reasons. But I’ve found over the years that some of these shots have turned out to be great photos.

This is my favorite photo of that particular day. Sometimes I shoot a lot, sometimes a little, but I always try to keep fresh and to keep shooting as often as possible.

This is simply my favorite photo of that week, and it usually posts on a Friday so that it’s the featured post all weekend.

These shots are part of the progresson of a book project that I started on Memorial Day 2006, and have continued to shoot for the last nine years. These are always shot on or very near the beach, and were literally shot on every beach in Florida.

This is one series that I recently started on a November 20th blog post, and that I’m considering continuing. The content is wide open, and the criteria is simply for the joy of photographing and discovering with my camera when I’m not being paid to take pictures.

I feature lots of other posts too, which can vary in subject matter from A to Z. Please visit often for inspiration, education, of just to see a new photograph.

Sony a7II with Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2


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Fill Flash


Dinner at ISO 1600

This photo was shot during a quick testing of Sony HLV-F43M Flash, on the a7s w/Zeiss 55mm f1.8, in a real world (and really dark) situation. The flash performed flawlessly--better than any Canon ever dreamed of, and as good as, if not better than, a Nikon or Olympus strobe. This flash has a few really good things going for it. One is the unique way it does bounce flash (which I obviously used in the example above). Sony calls it: Quick Shift Bounce. Admittedly, it does make the flash a bit chunkier, but this unit was released prior to the a7-series of cameras, and was intended for the Sony A-Mount cameras. But it's still a good fit, especially on the second generation of a7's like the a7II, a7rII and a7sII. Another big plus is the fact that it's weather sealed as I can't tell you how many times I've been caught out in the rain worrying about my flash during past assignments back during my Canon days. Finally, besides all the other bells and whistles that modern flashes have, such as wireless triggering, etc., it has a built in video light which could possibly come in handy for stills too. I rented this one from Lens Rentals.

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