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Erika Smerika


Waiting on the Storm

Ricoh GR - Day Three

As Florida waits on Tropical Storm Erika, a couple basks in a shallow pool of water during low tide at Jupiter Inlet.

I'm finding the 28mm lens on the GR a bit wide, and wishing it were a 35mm instead. This has made me hesitate in my decision whether to purchase the camera or not. If I lived in a big city such as Chicago or New York, it wouldn't be a problem at all, as I could easily get closer to people. But here, in the tropics without a building in site, it's a little more difficult to get close. But still, the camera performs nearly flawlessly for what I desire for it to do, and it fits in my pocket! That is a very strong argument in favor of the little camera that can!




Ongoing Book Project

These photos represent a small snippet from my book project of the same name. This project, which I am still working on (you can see a few of the photos above in my Best of 2013 post), began in May of 2006. Since then, I've traveled to and shot on every known beach in Florida (at least all the beaches I could find). More to come!