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I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I almost deleted this photo, but I'm glad that I decided to import it into Lightroom. In camera I was shooting in the B&W mode so that the color didn't distract my test, but I was shooting RAW+JPEG and the raw file retained the color data. What I was doing was a flash comparison between the Nissin i40 and a rented Sony HLV-F43M. During this test I was using the Sony a6000 with the Zeiss Touit 32mm f1.8 lens (this photo) and the Sony a7II with the Zeiss Batis FE 25mm f2 lens, and getting as close to my subject (just stuff around the house) as I could to see if the flash would blow it out. Both flashes did very well actually and seemed fairly equal. I rarely if ever shoot flash but rented the Sony for the fun of it to shoot an event at my church that I knew would be very dark.

To me this photo is really fun, and in this case, the color makes the picture. The fan in the right lens reminds me of a palm tree, the basket makes me think of a picnic basket, the paper junk mail coupon resembles a tablecloth and the glasses sunshine. You have to use your imagination, but all of these elements make this photo work as a photograph. Photography is all about imagination isn't it? Lesson learned: Don't delete photos!