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Luke Donald

Photo ©CRAIG LITTEN for Mizuno/All Rights Reserved

Sand Trap

Occasionally, I do a google search for my name to see where my photos are being used (or abused in some cases). Yesterday, I discovered this one of British pro golfer Luke Donald as the main, full page photo on his personal website. This was quite a nice surprise because I know he's photographed constantly, and there are a lot of really great photographs of him taken. Since this photo was shot in b&w, or I should say for the purpose of it being used in b&w, it seems to have set a precedence for the other photos in this gallery (none of which are mine) to also be featured in b&w. I love that. The website designers really seem to know what they are doing as the site is also beautifully made.

The photo itself was shot two years ago (2013) for Mizuno Japan on a closed set at a golf course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I was shooting the stills for a promotional video on Luke Donald using Mizuno gear. The above shot was taken with a Fuji X-Pro 1 and the Fuji 35mm f/1.4 XF R Lens. We followed up with another shoot last year (2014), but this time all the photos were used in color. Luke is a world class gentleman and a hard-working golfer. I don't follow golf (although I've shot a lot of it over the years), but after spending about 10 hours with him, I have great respect for Luke. Click Here to view one more shot of Luke Donald on my website from the same shoot.